Empowering Smarter Education

What is Prodygie?

Comunidade Prodygie

Prodygie is a smart education platform that facilitates the communication between students, parents, teachers and administration,  saving a lot of time for everyone.

From e-books, homework, video chat to grades and reports, everything that you need is in one place.

Interface Prodygie Pais
Interface desktop administracao
Interface Prodygie Aluno

why  prodygie

Smarter Education

Statistics shows that technology-based educational platforms can improve student's performance  and increase their engagement significantly.

It can also help the parents to be more present in the lives of their children.

Everything you need  in one  place

Our platform integrates every tool needed for the school, teachers  and parents to have an effective learning  experience through a multi-channel platform. 

Present New Features

Video and  audio communication, homework, e-book  reader, time-table organizer, all these exciting features are available to teachers, parents and students

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